11 Weeks Post Op

Hi everyone!

Not a whole lot has been happening lately so sorry I haven’t been posting that much. I am 11 weeks post op sleeve gastrectomy and I’m doing great!


Hair Loss! I have been experiencing lots of hair loss in the last couple weeks. I was losing some hair prior to surgery but this is a lot more than usual. Two weeks ago I decided to chop off my hair so now it’s shoulder length. It has helped with the mental part of the hair loss. I’m seeing shorter hairs coming out of my head instead of long ass strands of hair. It took me a while to get used to the short hair but I like it. It’s perfect for all of this hot weather we’ve been having here in California.


Exercise!! I’m still working on T25 it’s going really well working out in the morning before work. On Sunday I went for a hike with the boyfriend and it’s a hike we normally do. Before surgery it was a struggle for me to do this hike. A really good workout. On Sunday we were out there for two hours and I barely felt like I was breaking a sweat. Physical activity is getting easier and I love it! I’m a runner at heart and it makes me so happy to think that I’ll be able to run faster and longer than I used to.


I mapped out my goals for the year 2018 as far as running goes and I’m really excited to get started on training but I’m waiting until I lose another 15 pounds so I don’t aggravate an old injury in my foot. So for now I’m sticking with the T25 and after that I’m going to try out PiYo. My goals for next year are big ones but these goals are the main reason I got this surgery so I’m confident I will complete them.


Yea so things are going really well. I’m excited to hit my 3 month mark because that’s when most of my dietary restrictions will go away. Like I’ll be able to have raw fruits and vegetables. I’ve only been able to have cooked fruits and veggies and when it’s hot outside that’s the last thing you want. I’m so looking forward to some nice refreshing fruits and veggies.


That’s all I have for now peeps. Talk to you next time!




8 Weeks Post Op

Hi everyone!

8 weeks ago today I was at the Richmond, CA Kaiser getting prepped for Sleeve Gastrectomy surgery. It feels like it has been a lot longer than 8 weeks. So crazy.

These last couple weeks have been truly amazing. I know in one of my last posts I was really down on myself about my expectations and other’s expectations of me with this surgery. I am proud to say I’m doing much much better. I have been working out consistently and I think I have a good handle on my food intake (mostly).

The week before last I dusted off my old T25 workout DVDs and started doing those in the morning before work (thanks to a great piece of advice from a fellow blogger). I did that for the entire week and it really helped me get back into the routine of working out.

Right now I am taking a two week break from those workouts because this last week was the start of the StrideBox 2 week virtual marathon. You basically get 2 weeks to run 26.2 miles and at the end of the 2 weeks you get a finisher shirt and medal. So cool. Plus the proceeds go to a great cause. I signed up to do that because I thought it would be a great motivator and I would have a reason to run again (happy dance). I have one week left and so far I’ve run just over 13 miles. I’m right on track. 🙂

Next week I will go back to T25 in the mornings and scale back my running to 2-3 days a week so I can build some muscle and shed some more weight before seriously getting back into running/training again. I feel really great and I attribute that to getting back into working out. For the last 8 or 9 years I have loved working out, that was never my problem. I just had a major issue with portion control and you can’t out work a bad diet. We all know that.

Anyway that’s all I have for today. I hope you all are doing well and Monday is treating you kindly.


‘Till next time.



Holy smokes y’all I finally made it to Onederland!

So Sunday morning I weighed in at exactly 200 pounds and I desperately wanted to get to the 100’s that day so I waited to eat breakfast till I went to the bathroom (if you know what I mean). BUT even after my trip to the bathroom the scale still said 200 so I just accepted the fact that I would have to spend one more day in the 200’s and hopefully I would get to Onederland the next day.

I noticed over the weekend that after adding an extra meal that I started to lose weight again. I was stuck at 201 for about a week and it was driving me insane. On Saturday I was a little more hungry than usual and ended up eating an extra meal. Turns out that worked in my favor and lost a pound. So I tried it again on Sunday and lost 1.8 pounds. Yay!

Monday morning I weighed in at 198.2 pounds! The last time I weighed this much was almost 10 years ago. I feel great! Not only did I make it to Onederland but my total weight loss got up to 51 pounds! Double yay!!


That’s all for now folks. Till next time.



Post Op Feels


Prior to surgery I read about how after surgery it is likely that you will feel emotional sometimes and possibly even feel depressed. I was hoping that I was one of the lucky people that wouldn’t experience this, but I’m not. We’re not talking full on depression like I feel like I need to see a professional. I’m just feeling down and out of sorts.

Being back at work has contributed to this in many ways. My new boss is driving myself and my co-workers completely bonkers. Every day it’s something new with her and it’s making a once wonderful work environment stressful and unnerving. Then there’s the food temptation. There are so many delicious looking carbs and sweets in the break room daily and it is taking mega amounts of willpower to resist them. I find myself constantly thinking about food when I’m at work and it’s really tiring trying to convince myself that it’s all in my head, I’m not really hungry.

Then there’s the expectations I feel have been put on me from my doctor’s office, family, and society. I feel like I need to be going to the gym every day and giving it my all but to be honest by the time I’m done with work all I want to do is go home and relax. When I do that I feel like a total failure and it’s starting to get to me. Today I have been going back and forth say “I’m going to the gym after work” and “I’m so exhausted, I need to just go home and rest.” I feel like there’s a lot of pressure on me to get back to a normal routine of work, gym, sleep. But I think what I really need to do is focus on my food and water intake and getting my energy levels to a place where I can make it through an entire day of work and still be able to function afterwards.

I feel like I need to focus less on what others are doing and what I think others expect me to do and just do what I can for the time being. I am only a month out from surgery so I could be doing too much and not even know it. On the days I don’t make it to the gym I do make a point of at least getting my step goal met, so I’m not being a total lazy ass. I think I’m just being hard on myself and I’m sure I’m not the only one that has gone through this or will go through this. Just have to take it minute by minute, hour by hour, and day by day.

My goal for this month is to work on the mental part of this journey and not so much the physical part. Sure I will still work out on those magical days when I have the energy (usually my days off) but I need to make sure I work on this before it gets worse.

Anyway thanks for reading my ramblings and I hope it at least makes a little bit of sense.

Till next time.


1 month post op update!

Hi Everyone,

Sorry I’ve been MIA lately I’ve just been really focusing on getting my back into my exercise routine and enjoying the time I had off of work.

Today is my first day back to work after 4 weeks off and it’s not as bad as I thought it would be. I do feel like I’m in a fog and a little slower than usual but I was expecting that.

My first month with my new sleeve went really well. I had no complications post op (so far) and I have been able to pretty much resume my normal activities.

About 10 days post op I stalled. Ugh! I read that stalls are normal but that they usually don’t start till 3 weeks post op. I was the lucky one that got it early. My stall lasted about 2 weeks and I have gradually started losing again. I’m not losing as much as I thought I would but I’m happy with any loss. My surgeon wants me to weigh myself daily so I have been and  I typically lose about half a pound a day.

For the first 2 1/2 weeks I was pretty lazy, mostly because I would get so tired after a walk down the block or a trip to the store. I started going to the gym to walk on the treadmill and use the elliptical. I did that for about a week and a couple days ago I started adding jogging to my walks on the treadmill with the Couch to 5k app.  I have desperately been wanting to run again and I know I need to take it slow but it feels good being able to at least run a little.

I have gone out to eat 3 or 4 times since surgery and have not had any issues. I will usually get something small or something off the appetizer menu. I’ll still have leftovers for days though. I’m lucky to have not experienced dumping syndrome yet (thank goodness!). I have been paying real close attention to the sugar content because I am terrified of getting dumping.

I am currently on soft foods and so far everything I have eaten my sleeve has tolerated really well. I have had chicken, fish, and pork but I haven’t tried beef yet. I was told to wait a little while before trying to eat beef, I’m guessing because it’s a little harder to digest.

I think that’s all I have for now. I will try to get back into updating regularly on here. 🙂




Starting weight (11/17/16): 249.9 lbs

Date of surgery (4/10/17): 217 lbs

Today’s weight: 203.8 lbs

Post op Day 3

Hi everyone!

I’m finally sleeved. My surgery went well on Monday, no complications. Yay!

I was in quite a bit of pain when I woke up from surgery and around 2am after that. Thank goodness I was required to stay at the hospital overnight because I would have been totally miserable at home. 

All of the staff at the hospital were amazing! Everyone was so kind and very helpful.

Day of surgery I arrived at the hospital at 9am, an hour before my checkin time and waited in the waiting room till about 11am. They took me back and prepped me for surgery. I changed into my gown, they took my vitals, put my IV in, weighed me, gave me a nasty drink, and a heparin shot (ouch!)

I stayed in the prep area for at least an hour. Then they took me to the operating room. As soon as I layed on that operating table my nerves mega kicked in and I was kind of freaking out. The anesthesiologist gave me a “cocktail” to calm me down. Everyone started talking one at a time, I want to say they were going over a checklist. I took three deep breaths and I was out.

I woke up in recovery in so much pain. Most of the pain was in my chest from the gas. The nurses quickly gave me some nausea and pain medicine. That helped for the most part, it made me a little itchy though. 

I want to say I spent a good 2 hours in recovery before I got into a room. I think I finally got into my room around 5pm. My mom and step dad stayed for about a half hour then went home once my boyfriend got there. 

Once I was coherent enough I started walking laps around the hospital. That was easy but it didn’t really help with the gas as much as I thought it would. When I started drinking water I was able to start burping which felt so good.

I was in and out of it for the rest of the evening and only really woke up to get more pain and nausea meds.

I woke up early the next day and started walking more. They gave me my breakfast which I barely touched.

Then after more walking my surgeon came in and asked me a few questions then said I was good to go home. Yay! 

I finally got to put real clothes on and they took my IV out and let me leave.

All in all it was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. I’m lucky everything went so smooth. I’m home now walking and getting my fluids in. So far my taste buds haven’t changed. I never really liked jello before and I still don’t really like it now lol.

I think thats enough for now, I’ll update you all in a few days.


Surgery in 5 days!

Hi everyone!

My surgery date is quickly approaching and I have been scrambling around trying to make sure I am prepared for the hospital stay as well as when I get home.

I have gotten all of the last minute things I might need and I’m stocked up on movies and TV shows for while I’ll be off work. I want to spend this weekend cleaning the house and doing laundry so I won’t have to worry about it when I get home.

I’m a mixed ball of emotions this week. One moment I’m excited and ready for it to be surgery day and the next I’m terrified and thinking about all the “what ifs”. I’m actually surprised I’m not having full blown panic attacks every hour. I expected to be a lot more nervous than I am.

Last week I went to my pre-surgical classes and while there were bits and pieces that were really informative I think it was a big waste of 6 hours. They went over a lot of the information that they gave us in our binders. I read through that thing 3 times so a lot of it was stuff I was already really familiar with. I did get some clarification on a few things I was confused about so that was a plus. I guess that class is good for the people that did not do their homework (which I’m sure there are people out there that don’t), so I can see why it is required. After the classes I had an appointment for a physical and that went well. Nothing out of the ordinary there.

Now I wait just a little bit more and I’ll finally be on the loser’s bench. 🙂 I will have my laptop with me in the hospital so I will try my best to update you all if I’m not totally out of it.

Please keep me in your thoughts and prayers that this surgery goes smoothly or send some good vibes my way. I could really use it. Thank you all!

Till next time!





Just checking in…

Hey y’all!


Sorry I’ve been MIA for a little bit. Not a whole lot has been happening these last couple of weeks. I have just been preparing everything for surgery. Getting things in order at work and at home. As of today I have 3 weeks till surgery and I’m still so excited.


I spent the last 5 months or so saving up my sick & vacation leave and trying to earn extra hours by taking holiday comp time and turning my overtime pay into more comp time only to find out that I really didn’t need to. I thought I was going to have to use all of my time off for recovery but it turns out that I will use state disability that accounts for I think 60% of my pay and then my employer supplements the other 40% with my leave. I was originally going to just take 2 weeks off and maybe do two weeks of half time, but when I found out about this I was all for taking the entire 4 weeks off that my surgeon recommended. That way I will only be using about 2 weeks worth of leave. So I’m excited about 4 whole weeks off work, it’s definitely much needed.


I got all of my post op vitamins ready and I have done a little bit of food shopping for post op. I didn’t want to buy too much stuff because I don’t know what my taste buds will be like post op so I’m holding off on that. I did have to have some blood drawn last Friday and that wasn’t too bad. Four viles worth but I survived. I don’t really have a problem getting my blood drawn I just usually end up with a nasty bruise afterwards. This time I got a really great phlebotomist thought and didn’t bruise at all. Yay!


Not a whole lot else has happened, just kind of waiting around for now. I have been really getting into my YouTube Channel and I really like making videos about this journey I’m on. If you all have the time and would like to check them out feel free to.


My next appointment is on the 28th and that’s my all day pre-surgery informational class and physical. So I will update you all next week after my appointment.




This girl got a surgery date!!!!

Party over here, party over there! woop woop!

That’s right I finally got a surgery date! This morning I had an appointment with my case manager and we went over my vitamins and final appointments before my April 10th surgery date. I am so excited right now! I’m sure the terror and anxiety will come soon so I’m trying to enjoy this happiness while it lasts.

On the 28th I have three appointments that will take almost the whole day. One two hour class about my surgery and vitamins followed by another two hour class about life after surgery. Then after lunch I’ll have an appointment for a physical. That’s going to be a long day, but I am excited to get more information.

After my appointment this morning it was recommended that I get an EKG done real quick since I was already there and my appointment ended early. So I got that done and was in and out of there in maybe 5 minutes. Super quick and painless.

I have to get blood drawn next week and take a pregnancy test in 3 weeks. Things are finally moving after 4 months of waiting and I have a feeling these next 34 days are going to fly by.

That’s all I have for now.



Woohoo!! So yesterday I got a phone call from my case manager at Kaiser which means I passed that drug test with flying colors! woop woop!

I wasn’t able to call her back until today. We set up an appointment to go over my post-op vitamins and hopefully set a surgery date! eeep!

I will be going to see her next Monday and I am both excited and terrified at the same time. This woman is a no bullshit kind of lady and she intimidates the hell out of me. I know I have to be totally honest with her and listen to everything she tells me.

Anyway that’s my news for today I will update you all after my appointment.